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PLC Control Software is a provider of the communication software for industry automation. It will make the communication between HMI/SCADA and PLC/Controller/Inverter more easy. Now it provide the ActiveX Control which can run on multiple Microsoft Windows platforms, such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista on X86 32Bit CPU. And it will provide the solution later on different Operation System including embed Operation System, such as Linux, VxWorks, Windows CE etc.

Our Products

ActiveX Control for HMI/SCADA

The ActiveX Control has the following feature.

1. Support multiple Microsoft Windows platforms.

2. Support more programming languages.

3. Support to read and write Bit, Word, Long, Float, Double, Ascii string, Wide char string.

4. Simple API interface for different protocol.

5. Able to create up to 16 protocols in one process.

6. Free manuals and sample.

For more details, please Download and try it.

Now we have support the following protocol for ActiveX Controls.

1. Modbus RTU, TCP, ASCII with Master and Slave

Using these Modbus ActiveX Controls, you can communication to most of PLCs, Controllers, Inverters.

For example, PLC made by Schneider Electric, Temperature Controller made by RKC Instrument Inc., Inverter made by Yaskawa Electric Corporation, or other machine which support Modbus protocol.

2. GE Fanuc Automation

You can communication to Series 90-30, Series 90-70, Series 90 Micro with SNP-X protocol using GE_SNPX ActiveX Control.

3. Rockwell Automation, Inc.

You can communication to SLC500 Series, PLC-5 Series, MicroLogix Series with DF1 protocol using ROCKWELL_DF1 ActiveX Control.

4. Siemens AG

You can communication to SIMATIC S7-200 Series with PPI protocol using SIEMENS_PPI ActiveX Control.

You can communication to SIMATIC S7-200/300/400 Series all together with MPI protocol using SIEMENS_MPI ActiveX Control.

You can communication to SIMATIC S7-200/300/400 Series all together with TCP using SIEMENS_S7_TCP ActiveX Control.

You can communication to SIMATIC S7-1200 Series all together with TCP using SIEMENS_S7_1200_TCP ActiveX Control.

5. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

You can communication to MELSEC Q Series using MELSEC_Q ActiveX Control, communication to MELSEC FX Series using MELSEC_FX ActiveX Control, communication to MELSEC A Series using MELSEC_A ActiveX Control.

Custom Software Development Service

We offer custom programming services for the protocol library in the Windows, Linux, or other OS system.

Please email to Master about your requirement.

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